Fords In The Family

By Alec F.

When my Dad was 12 years old, his father passed away from lung cancer. His father was the co-owner of a Ford dealership in his hometown of Tunkhannock, PA. The car that my father's father drove at the time was a 1958 Ford Thunderbird with special-edition Super-Charged Interceptor V-8 engine installed. It was gloss red, with a white ragtop, and red leather interior. Because my father grew up in a small town, where people looked after one another, the co-owners of the dealership allowed him to keep his father's Thunderbird. Although, the Thunderbird has long since gone, my father has kept up the tradition of only owning Ford cars since the day his father died, out of respect of his father's legacy. Though I never knew my grandfather, I too will always only own Ford vehicles out of respect to my father. "Ford Forever!"
J. Harley M 02/07/2014
Yes!! I'm with you, after owning 3 Model A's in my teens & later in life finally got a 1965 Thunderbird. I had to fix all the rust, re-do the engine & install a half-vinyl roof ( landau ), then I dragged it all over where I went in the Air Force, but the poor thing sat most of its life, finally rusted so bad I traded it in with another vehicle & got an Acura. It was a super car, but it was in an accident, so I went back to Ford. I'll never buy foreign again!!