Ford Or Nothing

By Rob A.

Ford is my life, since I was young. Two years ago, I saved up $$ for my first car. Set out for a Ford luck. I then found a 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX. It was beautiful. I bought it a few days later. Its a 3.8V6 and had a 115K miles when i bought it. Overall, a clean car. Opened up the glove box, original owners book was there, but even better, the sales sticker from '97 was there too! I've bought it to cars shows past two summers, sad I'll let it go soon, as i will have a Mustang finally.
Samuel Williams 01/19/2012
I want a Mustang to man I want one of the new 5.0 or Shelby Cobra the new 5.0 Mustang is making gm and dodge spend a lot of money to out run them the SS camaro got to run a 425 ci engine to compete with a lil 302 ci gm should be embarrassed but I know what the SS stand for on the camaro (super slow) now the dodge challenger has a boat anchor 392 ci hemi now you can't out run the 305 hp V-6 Mustang now dodge is going to put a V-10 engine in the challenger to out run a little 302 cubic inch monster . The 302 was always a problem for gm and chrysler it out ran their cars and out last them Ford gives you the best of both worlds power and just run forever.