Open Door Garage Find

As a car crazy kid on a bike I constantly marked in my mind where I spotted cars. On the way to the city park a 41 tudor sedan covered with thick dust sat in a doorless garage. I knocked on the door and asked about it. A few days later an older gentleman called and said it was mine for $60 (this was in 1960) I bought it with paper route money and quickly learned why to soak the cylinders before starting. The car actually had ratio gas coupons and a pack of 1940's Wriggly gum in the glove compartment. The original title showed it was purchased Dec 7, 1941. It had 16,000 miles on it. I put a Mercury flat head in it and had it painted 1961 Ford Chesapeake Blue (almost black with a touch of green) I probably didn't have 80 miles more on it when I sold it 2 years later.
I meant gas ration coupons (from WW 2)