You Always Remember Your First

By Mark T.

I had just gotten my license and was saving for my first car. Dad said our neighbor, across the street was selling their '61 Ford Sunliner, for $150.00!!!!! Midnight blue with two-tone interior, complete with power top and windows! It was a cold day when I looked outside. I was running and could see the vapors from DUAL exhaust. I was hooked! Back in those days, it mean big engine with a four barrel, or so I thought. After buying it, I later found out it was only a 292 with a 2bbl. I soon had to bondo the fronts of the fenders over the headlights because mud would spray out and coat my windshield. Well, the gas guage didn't work, so I got a wooden dowl rod. If the thing came back empty, GET GAS, QUICK! Never ran out of gas, but had many adventures, some including vapor lock, while I had that car.