Hard To Beat !

When I was younger I bought a 1961 ford Starliner, 2door Hardtop, 390CU./350/375 HP engine for a couple hundred bucks at the local Ford garage. Thats all I could afford as I was only 16 years old. I remember going up against a new Olds 442 4 speed and shut him off 2 times in the quarter mile just outside the small town city limits. Did the same to a 66 chevelle 396 two times in a row ! These guys were not happy !!!! I have built many engines for the 1/2 mile circuits in the area, the last was a 460 ford punched to a 605 which dyno at almost 700 HP and torque at 600+ on pump gas, which is in a 83 Bird Drag car. I respect all the American built iron but love them Fords ! Anything but a toyota !!!!