We Are Still Together

By Mark K.

It all started when I was 4. My dad had a 1939 Ford coupe, and I still remember how it smelled inside. I got to ride on the package shelf behind the front seat simply because I fit up there. Flash ahead to 1979, my dad was out of state at a car show in Arkansas and it was there the coupe was totalled by a drunk driver. My dad came out okay, but the car was a loss. He found the 40 pickup as a replacement for his coupe, and I remember helping him put the truck together little by little. In 1983 he decided to sell it and I had to plead with him not to since I would need a car at 16, so it stayed in the family. I spent many hours going through the truck to make it into my dream. 16 came and I had the best time driving my Ford around. It took me on my first date, took me to school and work, and yes, got me my first speeding ticket too. I was on a school field trip in high school, since I had a license and a car, when the unthinkable happened. I was rearended by another student causing major damage to my truck. More time and money brought it back better than before. My family moved us to TN not long after this, and the truck made the trip with no problems. After spending a year in the south and graduating school, I told dad I was moving back to IL to return to my high school sweetheart I had left behind. He told me that the truck was still in his name and I couldn't take it with, so we parted ways in 1987. In 2010 dad called me and asked if I still wanted the truck, and of course the answer was yes. A weekend trip brought her back to me in worse shape than it had been 27 years ago. Two weeks after I got the truck home, my wife, the same girl from high school, was diagnosed with cancer. I had left the truck for her, got the truck back to find out I might now lose my wife. It is now 2014 the truck is here, my wife is here. I have such an appreciation for both, it is hard to verbalize. Ford is my choice for transportation, be it in my 1995 Towncar, or my little 40 truck. I have such respect for the quality and heritage of Ford that it even influences me in what I read. The marvel of what Henry Ford started in 1903 has grown into a globally recognized symbol of America and what we can do. I own pieces of this story. One in the garage on its way to its former glory, and one in the driveway that I wholly rely upon every single day. I will be a fan of Ford all of my days.