Going Green And Loving It!

I was taking a little drive in my coupe, Ford 302 powered, and I stopped for fuel in St. Joseph, Mo. As usual when I stop the beautiful lines and paint job drew some fans. One young woman driving a Toy P. came over and after looking the car over asked what kind of gas milage I got. I replied I got lots of smiles to the gallon. She started to talk about greenhouse gases and carbon this and that. At that point I reminded her that it took a lot more energy to make a new car than it did to paint and recycle an old car into a usable ride, and that I could drive my car for the rest of my life and not use the energy that was used to produce her car which would be gone in 10 to 12 year on average. she did not like that but some of the people around cheered for my retort. I love my cool old recycled ride.