High School Memories With My Ford

By Dale L.

Sorry to mislead but the site does not list a Cortina.In high School I owned a Ford Cortina. This was an English Ford they imported for several years. It was the size of a Ford Pinto,had a 4 cyl. engine and 4 speed transmission. I was the "Bus" for my friends and we would pack 6 people in this little car. Everyone on Monday would kick in 50 cents and we would drive for a week on this. It was probably the most fun vehicle i ever owned and developed such an attraction for it that I acutally owned 3 of them at the same time. I had the 2 door Sedan,2 door R/S model which was a whole 10 more horsepower then the sedan,and the Station Wagon.
The cars were so much fun that I actually had friends fighting over who would ride the following week and which car I should drive that week. Compared to cars of 2011 they rode hard and had no real comfort items but still were super fun to drive. it was a sad day when Ford decided not to import them anymore,but in hindsight,I can see they really did not sell well and were competing against the Pinto.
Thank You Ford for making my High School day's so much fun.
Dale leonard-JMH Class of 70