My Shelby Ford

In 1973 someone in my high school owned a Ford Shelby Cobra GT 350. I was walking around the car admiring it and as I came to the back of the car I noticed the letters SHELBY. I turned to my friend and said if I ever had a child I would name them Shelby.

Seven years later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and named her SHELBY. Shelby was engaged this week to her boyfriend Greg. Our Families are very happy and excited. We all knew this was meant to be the day they met because Greg's last name is FORD. So after 30 years I will have my own Shelby Ford.
Thank You for taking the time to read our story.
PS If you know of anyone in the area with a Ford Shelby we would love to have some engagement photo's taken of Shelby and Greg with a Ford Shelby Mustang.
Bill 01/24/2013
Loved your story. You may as well buy one, your only here one time, go for it I did.