The Most Unsuspecting Car

By Jay T.

Back when my father moved from Taiwan to America, he rode a friend's car that had 200 horsepower (a lot for the time) and leather seats. My dad made that a goal for him to get a similar car. He and my mother were working for Ford by 1996 when they came out with the Duratec V6 with 200 hp. After three years of saving, my dad bought a '99 Sable LS Wagon, dark green with a Duratec 3.0 and leather seats. I grew up with this car and helped my dad lovingly maintain it, learning how to maintain a car myself along the way.
13 years and 130,000 miles later, I have been driving the car for about a year. It still runs and looks nearly new, save for a door that was hit by a drunk driver which i fixed myself. This car is neither cool or fast by today's standards, but because of my memories and childhood surrounding this car, I plan to keep it maintained and running for my whole life. Nobody would ever suspect that a regular old 3rd gen taurus/sable would get this much love.