Thankful We Make Safe Cars

My cousin Kathy called me for an X plan pin number. Her daughter, Erica, 16 yrs. and a new driver, totaled the family Sable and she needed to replace it. She described the accident to me and was so grateful that she owned a Ford because she believes it saved Erica's life. After looking at the pictures, I was amazed that Erica walked away with only had a small concussion and a couple scratches. Kathy says she will never own anything other than a Ford!
jed s. 12/02/2010
Same thing happened to my dad, a dilivery truck ran him of the road in his Mercery Mistiqe (Ford Contour) into the ditch and his car flip end over end about three times and he walked away, not even hurt. It also helped loads that he wore his seatbelt.