My Great Wagon

this is just a great story, i bought 2 of these wagons, they were company cars a 90 percent highway miles ,, i kept the one with 90k on it the other 110k
well all i do is change the oil and every other tank of gas, i use shell Vpower its
like getting a tune up and much better miles per, gallon
my son was in special forses for 12 years. he came home last year, to san diego
so i drove it from the boston eara eo san diego, loaded up all mis gear, and there was a lot, and drove for 3 days taking turns driving,he had about 1000lbs im 200 lbs and he;s
230 and 6-2
we came rt40 on day 1 7 states,,,then day2 up to the smokes and blue ridge mnys,
day 3 penn. ny. conn. and home amass, we averaged75 mph and in oklahoma, cduse control on 90 and didn't se a cop till rt 90 in mass,
the wagon rode like a lincoln, its old ,, but i kove it, ans now i see dodge hase one
it will never ride like my wagon,,, A Once in a life time ridr with my onky son
I just put 85 miles on it today total now 102477, its got all the extras, its MY suv
Brad B 10/03/2012
Hey Ford ! Sounds like another Wagon Lover. Christmas is only three months away .... Can I get Santa to bring a Grand C-Max?