Walking Away

On Sept 27, 2010 my daugher (16) was a passenger of a Ford Ranger, driven by a (18) year old female, was involved in a HORRIBLE accident. According to the State of Indiana Police department at the ER, the girls should of never walked away from this accident alive. The girls was on a country road and was traveling a little above the speed limit, they lost control of the truck on a corner and after straighting back out was in the wrong lane, they tried to get back into the right lane, went down into a ditch, the front left corner took a nice hit to the first tree before sailing into the air and hitting a second tree 4 ft in the air. The Passenger side of the truck was pretty much crushed and the truck broke behind the cab when it fell out of the tree. After 7 hrs in the ER, both girls walked away from this truck with minor injuries, stiches and some bruises. This TRUCK SAVED THE LIFE OF BOTH GIRLS.
ashraf 10/14/2010
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