Eleanor 96pgt

I bought this Probe GT after selling a 1995 Lazer Red Metallic Probe GT. The first one was rough when I got it but after going threw the car, I sold it for more then I paid for it and bought the one pictured here. It came from Pennsylvania originally, and all of the previous owners took excelllent care of it. While driving it home a had a guy in a Beamer give me a thumbs up ! I have beaten a friends 302 Mustang with this car and one Mid 90's Corvette! This car handles like nothing I have ever had.I take it out on nice days, and go to cruise ins, car shows and Probe gatherings too. It has been in the Southern Ohio Cannonball Run and will participate again this year. It Attended the Clarion, Pa Autumn Leaf festival. This coming year it will be there again as well as the Knox,PA horsethief Days, New Bethelhem, Peanut Butter festival show and the Shrefflers Snack Shack Cruise in ! Future plans call for Cold Air Induction, Headers, and 2.5 inch exhaust. Also some of the paint will be touched up and a few small custom touches will be added. For instance the hols in the front bumper for the license plate will be filled and the Ford badge will be removed and filled in. The rear badges will be removed as well. The engine will also recieve polished aluminum Valve covers and some other dress up itemms to make it look nice as well. The aluminum "swirlie " Wheels will be upgraded to Chrome Swirlie wheels as well with some new Dunlop Tires. I have a set of Strut tower braces for the front and rear as well as a Chassis stifener for the interior as wll. None of these mods are things that can not ever be un done however. It is really a shame Ford chose to let this model slip away. If it had of been pushed more and of course with a different name , it could of continued to be an exciting platofrm to build a Front wheel drive, two door sport coupe on. These cars are extememly reliable and deliver great gas mileage, even needing high test fuel I consistently get @30 mpg's with this car. This car has just turned 110,00 miles and runs and drives like a new car still because it was so well taken care of. The engine was rebuilt at 102,000. At this age, it still has no creaks, squeaks or rattles!! In addition to this car I would like to Buy the rare Probe G T S but it is difficult to find these cars in good condition. Ala in all I am really enjoying this car and like it much more than my muscle cars that I had, including my G TO's ,Trans-Ams, and Firebirds! Hope to run into some of you reading this and swap stories about our Fabulous Fords someday.
Armando G 01/06/2014
i love it, i have a probe aswell.