My First Ford

My first Ford was a 1973 Ford Pinto, light green with dark green racing stripes. It was a 4 speed, green vinal interior and I loved it. My father bought it for me as my first car and paid about $500.00 for it. It was an awesome car and did really well on the highway unless you went over 55 miles per hour, then the front end shook enough to loosten your teeth. My husband and I have co-owned 3 Ford F150 pickups and they have been the most wonderful, reliable vehicles anyone could own. But my passion has always been to own a Mustang. 4 years ago, I was going to visit a friend and saw a 1994 Mustang GT convertible for sale in a guys front yard. I stopped, got the phone number and called the guy from my friend's house. The next day, my husband and my youngest daughter and I went to get a better look at the car. I got in and the owner was concerned whether I could drive a stick. I started it up and headed down the road. My husband asked the owner what he wanted for it and who to make the check out to as he knew he wasn't leaving without the car. It is a custom in my family to name cars and my Mustang's name is Rhett Butler. I am a huge fan of Gone With the Wind and was going to call it Scarlett, but my oldest daughter corrected me and said it needed a guys name. Rhett is my pride and joy. Two years ago, my middle daughter got married (yes, three daughters and all of them love the Stang...) and Rhett was part of the wedding party. My oldest daughter is a teacher at a local high school and took it to prom one year when she was chaparoning. Rhett was a hit. I have been a member of Toastmaster's International and I gave a speech on Rhett that left the crowd speechless. Some day, I am sure I will have to give up Rhett and hopefully I will be able to replace him with a younger version. Keep up the good Work.
(sorry I don't have any pictures to load.)
Laura L Hague (HUGE Mustang fan)