For The Love Of Pintos

As a small child I loved animals. I was born in 1972 so I remember the Pinto Era well. I admit the kicking foal emblem hooked me. I bugged and begged my parents to buy one. "I'm not buying a car because it has a horse on it!", Dad exclaimed. "They're dangerous!", Mom replied. Well, I made a vow that I would get one- come hell or high water- when I grew up. In 1991 I bought a '72 sedan in Grabber Blue for $300. I went EVERYWHERE in that fun little car. Sadly I no longer have that lil gem but I have three Pintos today- my '71 was driven from Oceanside, CA to Denver- then on to Carlisle, PA for the Pinto Stampede and all-Fords show. That lil' car won a Celebrity's Choice award for being "Ford Tough". I love Ford cars and trucks and am proud to support the Blue Oval. Please google Pinto Stampede 2011 to see me and my friends on our cross-country Pinto adventure. Thank you.
Kristin L 05/09/2012
My First Ford was a 1979 Pinto Pony! I too loved my Pinto... what a fun car!