The Die Hard Mustang

I moved from France to San Diego in 1982 and my first priority was to buy a car and I knew exactly what I
wanted; I liked the 1967-69 Mustang. All my friends tried to discourage me to get a Ford and recommended
a Japanese car instead and a more recent one with a low mileage. But I didn't like the Japanese cars!
For me nothing looked more sexy than the 67-69 Mustang! Also, I wanted to become a real American and buy American. I was thankful that California accepted me as a resident and I thought that to express my
gratitude the least that I could do was to buy American products.
I finally ended up with a 1978 Mustang II, with 30.000 miles, that looked very attractive because it had a manual transmission that gave the interior a very sporty look. The registration card had the word "salvaged" written on it but, at the time I didn't know what salvaged meant and the seller was so nice with me that I didn't want to bother him with any stupid questions.
When I reached 100.000 milesI said to myself "I'm gonna need a new engine pretty soon!" But my flight instructor salairy of the time prevented me to do so and I kept going.
When I reached 200.000 the engine started leaking oil and I said to myself "This time I'm gonna really need a
new engine!" but I still couldn't afford one so I had a few seals replaced and hoped that this would keep the
car running a couple of more years. Most of the mechanics told me that the engine could quit anytime now
because the only engine that could be driven past 200.000 was a Mercedes one and that it would still be a
lot even for a Mercedes!
When I reached 300.000 I could not believe my eyes and then I became really curious to see how far a Mustang engine could go before falling off the bottom!
Every day I became more and more anxious that it could be the day but I passed 310, 330, 350 and the engine still did not show any signs of willing to quit soon!
But one day, July 20, 2001 it finally did! I tried to start the car that morning but nothing happened. A connecting rod had, finally, called it quit! The odometer reading was 371.689 miles!
So, if I follow the logic of the mechanics it would mean that a Ford Mustang engine is twice as reliable as a
Mercedes one, right?
They rebuilt the engine and this time I thought would be a good time to sell but I didn't like any of the new cars
even the new mustangs of the time so I decided instead to keep my Mustang and improve the look with new
steel wheels and a new steering wheel. Often people give me the thumbs up!
But now, you came up with this new 2009 very sexy design and, if I could get a good deal I would, really, be
ready to get one!