My Little Red Mustang Hatchback

My dream was to own a mustang since the mid 60's. Well, I never drove on my own til I got this first of the line MustangII, while I was in the Air Force. I was stationed at Lowry AFB in Denver, Co. for four years and it took me everywhere I went. I love that car like my best friends. I went home on leave through the deserts of west Texas and to Dallas/Ft Worth. All over Colorado from the skis slopes to all the scenics areas of middle Colorado to my grandparents and my aunt's pearl house in Antonito , Co.. In four years I travel 40,000 miles. It took me to Anchorage, AK, where I was stationed next But had to get rid of due to the high priced car insurance. I was a good driver and never had a ticket til after I got rid of that great car. Definitely missed it for a long time,
I cried over the first dent in it and scrape . Later after saling it to a car dealer, I saw someone in it at the bank on base. I walked over to it and told them if they ever get rid of it I would buy it from them. I loved that car the best of all my cars. The only thing that ever went wrong with other usual oil changes was the water pump went out in Alaska before I sold it in the spring of 1979 for a f-150 for my new husband. Crazy to give up my MUSTANG, wasn't I? Things we do for love sometimes- Crazy!