My First Mustang

ok So my Dad gives me his '77 Ford Mustang, Black with Blue pinstripes, Tan interior. I loved that car, drove it till the wheels about fell off and "Still" kept driving it. One day my Dad decides that I am getting rid of the Mustang, (breaking my heart) and he tell me that I am taking over payments on his "other" car, now mind you the Mustang is PAID in full. But It was a gift from my dad as was the other car I just had to keep up the payments and at $88.00 a month I figured what the heck so I took the '85 Ford Escort in place of the '77 Mustang, and of course I liked it (not as much as the Mustang) but I drove that thing for a couple of years (4 years) until I became pregnant with my second child and I sold it to my neighbor who drove it for 3 more years (1997). I now have had a couple Mustangs and they are my favorite car. I now drive at the current time a 1997 Ford Explorer Sport and my husband drives a 1992 Ford F-250 that was purchased BRAND NEW in 1992 by his father who has since passed away. I guess you could say we both have FORD in our blood!

P.S. My father gave my son a '69 MACH I for his graduation, That is one car he will not get back as my son is in 7th heaven! (Pic of his car at present time)