Drag Racing

I was going home from work at IBM in San Jose, CA and was going on the ramp to the freeway headed North. There was two lanes and a signal which regulates the trafic entering the freeway. Next to me was a Chev Corvet and he was reving his engine and looking at me to do the same. Well I had a herst shift and a blue line 351 cleavland engine and the car was lime gold. So when the light changed I let it all out and when the tires stopped burning in second I popped it into third and looked back and he was still trying to catch me. I thought he might step out of his car since he most lickly thought it stopped running. The only thing my Mustang did wrong was it had a small hop when it cought the pavement but everything worked just fine. I want another one painted lime gold with the 444 hp coyote engine with the red KEY.