Ford And I

I bought my first ford in 1940. I was 17. The car was a '32 ford. Shortly thereafter I found myself in Normandy. I spent 9 months on the front lines there. Walked across the country. Seen some scary situations and did some translating of German to English to German.
I've had various cars throughout the years until '55 when I returned home to Ford by way of Mercury. My first new car. In '65 I purchased a Country Squire Station Wagon which later became my Sons in 75, at which time I bought a '76 Merury Montego Braughm. This Montego still runs perfectly today, though it has over 296,000 miles. I ferried me back and forth to work for years, then my daughter to School for years right through her Nursing degree, then became a work horse for my various projects. This vehicle is 100% original except for the tires. Never had to do more than change the fluids, brakes and wash it once in a while.
I am now '86. My daughter finally found her true love. We all bought a great big new hiouse together where I will spend the remainder of my life, give or take a few more adventures. Look in the driveway and you will find a Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln Aviator, Mercury Mountaineer, Ford Fusion Hybrid and a Explorer-Eddie Bauer Edition. I am Ford. What do you drive?
Deb K. 02/16/2010
Bless your heart Gerehard! I too drove a 1976 Montego, a super nice hand-me-down from my mom when I was a senior in school. Now I have my mom living with us, and I drive her around in my 2010 Flex. Love it, and my mom thinks it's a limo! Enjoy your adventures!