My 1 Of 41 Montego Mx Brougham With A 429 And C-6

By John H.

I traded a beautiful 1936 Packard 120 Touring Sedan, for a 1970 Mercury Montego MX Brougham with a 429 and a C-6 transmission. It had just over 43,000 original miles and was an original California car "No Rust" anywhere. It had a Marti Report that stated it was 1 of 41 with that engine and transmission.

It is a beautiful car and I won a "Nifty Fifty" with it at the "All Ford Nationals" at Carlyle, Pa.

It is fun to drive and still gets 17-18 mpg on the highway.
John B 01/01/2013
You are one lucky person, there may have been 41 of them in 1970 but I would bet there are less than half today!