Why I Drive A Ford

My father was blind. He was born in1912. He had an older brother who owned a Model T. When my father was proably in his late teens to early twenties his brother took him to a cow pasture. Somehow my uncle was able to show my father how to manipulate the controls on the T and he drove the Ford in the cow pasture. It was the one and only time he ever drove a car. Later on in life he finally bought a 1968 LTD Brougham, which my brother and I drove for him and our Mother. You want to know why I will NEVER own anything but a Ford??? This, and the fact that Ford has won almost every major automobile race in the world is WHY!! I had an uncle tell me one time that, "Ford builds automobiles. Everyone else just builds cars"!! Amen.
veasnameng 09/21/2010
i like it