Tough Old "T"

By Fred B.

In 1948 when I was in high school, I owned a 1924 Model T that I paid $125 for. In the winter I drained the water out each night because I could not afford antifreeze.

One night in December, I forgot. As I walked out to the Tin Lizzie the next morning, I remembered. I was panic stricken as I raised the hood! The head nuts were gone and the cast iron head was a 1/2 inch above the engine block. I found the nuts in the snow and the threads were ruined.

I walked to school and when I came home that afternoon, the temperture had gone up to 40 F. I pulled the head off and nothing seemed to be broken. I slapped some grease on the old head gasket, found some new nuts in my junk box, and torqued them on. The block stud threads had not been damaged, just the nuts.

The next morning I filled the radiator and headed to school. It didn't leak. I never again forgot to drain the water each night until spring.