The Oldest Ford Mechanic?

A good friend of mine has a 1926 Model T, and he recently took the car to be repaired for lack of proper charging from the generator.  He took the car to his friend Wilbur Hoffman, who happens to be 95 years old, and has a 1926 Model T Tudor, and a 1926 Coupe sitting in his garage.

Wilbur loves to work on Model T's and believes it keeps him going at this age. When you listen to him explain things that are wrong with the car, and how he goes about the fix is like listening to an engineer explain a certain design to a part or how it works.  He is an amazing man with a passion for Ford and the wonder and mystique of owning and repairing Model T Fords.

He fixed a few other items such as the manifold gaskets, the headlight lens and a coolent overflow tube that needed to be re-soldered.  The new generator works just fine, the car started right up and my 91 year old friend, Dunbar, drove his 1926 Model T tudor back to the garage as I followed in his new 2013 Ford Fusion.

I cannot say for sure that Wilbur is the oldest living Ford mechanic that still can work on cars, but you can bet that he is one of the best around, and if anyone wants to learn a few things from an old pro, then look up Wilbur in Livingston NJ, and you will be amazed by the retentive power and overall spirit of this great man.