The Machine

My Dad and a buddy made trip from Rochester NY to San Francisco and back in 1915. Have whole story from his daily postcards to family and pictures.

August 1, 1915 Sunday postmarked Aug 1 430P (Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak, Denver CO)

Weather – fine, shower in AM.

Roads – Good.

If you sent mail will probably get it Monday. Camped 13 miles east of Colorado Springs. When we got up Pike’s Peak was right ahead of us. Drove quite late in order to make Denver by Saturday afternoon and get mail. Ran out of gas and bought 2 gallons at Standard Oil and ate breakfast in Colo Springs. Wonderful scenery. Made 448 miles in two days. Arrived in Denver about 3P went to Ford Free Service station to get tuned up (stopped at West Court Hotel last night (Sat) to get cleaned up and take bath. Felt fine. Went to Cathedral for 930A Mass. Ate breakfast and now sending postals. We kept behind a big storm Friday night. Train wrecked and cattle all washed away. The train wreck was about a mile from where we camped but we didn’t get any of the rain. To see the sights this afternoon.

August 8, 1915 Sunday 1030AM Pueblo

Weather – good in AM but rained from about 3 on until we got sleep last night.

Still waiting for express package sent from Denver. Went to bed last night after cooking our own supper under shelter at 845. Played mouth organ for about 15 minutes. This was at campground here. Lady said this morning she enjoyed it very much ha…ha. Went to 9 Mass this morning and we’re going to leave now for the south. Hope we won’t be delayed anymore as have lost quite a bit of time. Santa Fe probably sometime Tuesday now. Well we’re on our way anyway. Feeling fine, everything OK. So is the Ford.

Love, Gerald

September 23, 1915 Thursday Austin NV

Camped near Austin. Slept on top of Jake’s Summit. Elevation 8115. Up at 7AM started at 9AM. Bought 5 gal of gas at .30 per gallon. Traveled 145 miles in 9.5 hours. Roads very bad in places with deep ruts so very careful driving. Still sandy and blowing dust into our faces. Our lips all dried up. Coming as fast as we can with driving conditions. Ford running fine.

Love, Gerald

October 7, 1915 Thursday

Camped after we backed out and had a few hours sleep. Got up at 630AM. Roads were pretty good but a lot of ripples. Stopping to eat in South Bend. Ol Ford is running great. If nothing holds us up will see you Sunday.

Love, Gerald

Last postal J They did arrive on Sunday October 10, 1915 to an excited gang of family and friends in Buffalo.

Steve 11/24/2011
Thank you !! Brought back memories of my Grandmother of her stories and pics . Her travels west coast (redwood forest)yellowstone,Colorado, before the first war if I remember right. What she drove I don't recall. She didn't talk of her children on the trips the first born (my uncle) was born 1915. Thanks for the memories