National History Day State Competition First Place Winner

My son entered the National HIstory Day competition at his elementary school. He had to do a project on a person who invented something that made a significant impact in history. He chose Henry Ford. We found an abundant amount of information on Mr. Ford. It was all very fascinating. As part of my sons display he had the inner part of a Model T steering wheel. One of the things he chose to tell the judges was that the steering wheel was inverted. With his presentation he won a local contest in our hometown, advanced to regionals, won there, then advanced to state, where he won first place. He would have been able to go on to Nationals but the competition ends after state for fifth graders. We learned a lot about Ford Motor Company as well. I have a lot of respect for the principles the company was founded upon, and those that are being upheld today. We are currently needing to purchase a new minivan and we'll be looking for a Ford because during the bailout, Ford chose to not take a hand out. Thank you for being responsible.
DeAnn M. Sweeney
Salem, IN

( I would send a photo of my son and his project if I knew how to upload it.)