My Very First Ford.

My Dad was a Kaiser-Frazer new car dealer after WWII. At that time all the farmers were bringing in all their old cars to trade in for a new car. One old gent traded in his 1923 Model T Coupe which I promptly took out to our farm. Although I always had a new demo to drive, I preferred the Model T. So did all my friends. One interesting fact . . . whenever I drove on the country roads and passed a herd of cattle or horses, they always ran to the fence along the road and followed me for as long as they could. And they all mooed, snorted or whinnied as I passed by.To this day I never knew why. I always thought it was the distinctive sound of the little four cylinder engine. You tell me why we attracted their interest. The car was stock except for the aftermarket distributor and the "electric" starter.
My girlfriend loved the car too.

That was the best car I ever owned. The best and most fun . . . I wish I had one today.