First Ford West Of The Mississippi

In 1911, Levi Quayle Malone, scion of a wealthy Cleveland, Ohio clan of quarry owners, set out for the then territory of New Mexico. Stricken with consumption (tuberculosis), he was sent to Las Cruces for the healing warm dry air. He drove the first Ford west of the Mississippi, and fell in love with and married Doris Brown. (The family thought of her as that "wild woman from the territory.) My father, Lee Harrison Brown Malone, was born the next year in 1912 when New Mexico became a state. They decided to visit the family for the first time at their winter holdings in Dunedin, Florida. On the train trip my grandfather died of pneumonia, and the family in Florida met a strange woman  on their doorstep with an infant son and a dead husband in a coffin. My greatgrandmother took possession of my father and sent my grandmother Doris to Europe for some culture. After a few years overseas, she excercised her right as mother, took my father back and raised him mostly around Europe, where he learned six languages and developed an appreciation for art and history. Don't know became of the Ford.