A Boy's Dream

As a child in the 40’s and 50’s I experienced the excitement of watching my Dad and Uncle race on dirt tracks and the salt flats. Even though they had a number of different cars over the years, the car that won my heart was a mid 20’s T modified roadster. I knew by the time I was ten that someday I would own a hot rod like that. The sound of those early Ford flatheads was unmistakable and I had to have one. Their T went to the scrap man before I was old enough to lay claim to it, but that wasn’t going stop my dream.

In my teens I learned to drive in my Grandfather’s 40 Ford Deluxe Coupe. In my twenties I got my first new car, a 65 Falcon Sprint. Throughout the years I never lost sight of that T modified and today that dream is a reality. This little sweetheart is all steel and genuine Henry black. The modified Model A frame gets it low to the ground. Red 35 Ford wire wheels set at the corners. The engine is a supped up midyear flathead with track exhaust. It’s backed up by a 41 truck transmission and Columbia 2 speed rear end. When I got the 2 speed I was told it came from Bill France Sr. first Daytona car.

Everything about this car goes back to the hay day of dirt track hot rods right after WWII, and that is just the way I want it. My Dad and Uncle have both been gone years but every time I get behind the wheel of the T, they are right beside me on that seat, and loving the ride.
While on vacation with the IBEW Local #3 Retirees Club in Cutchogue, NY we met Leande Glover Jr. in a Mc Donald restaurant, who turned 76 in July 2012. He saw my Red Ford Escape and asked if I liked Ford vehicles, I said YES then told me he loves Ford vehicles also. He preceded to show me pictures of 21 Fords. Then he invited us to go and see them. One was better than the other and I fell in love with the 1905 F Ford which was in running condition. He has 5 of the Fords registered and drives them around town. I offered him a ride in my 2012 Escape and the big man accepted and we took a short ride from his house to one of the barns housing a few of the Fords. Besides the cars he has many spare parts, filters, lamps and more. We told him next year we will be back and would like to take him to dinner to show our appreciation for him giving us the tour, as we were leaving the next morning.