From Rags To Riches

By Skay A.

One day my husband bounded in from work and said he had a chance to get a 1929 Model A 5 window coupe...sounded good to me, he said he was trading our Party Barge boat, so sounded good again. Told him to go for it if it was what he wanted. Well, a few days later he came in with her on our trailer...little rough around the edges, but oh my, when restoration was finished, we had a Queen! Few years later the "new car itch" got us, so....restored again. You after all don't get rid of royalty. Needless to say we've taken her to car shows all over, from Oklahoma north, south, east and west....she's traveled and won awards. We've added a '41 pickup and a '66 Stang....nothing but Ford, thank you, and winners all. Thank you Ford!!!!