My First Car

By Dan R.

My first car was a 1974 Maverick and it was given to me by my grandfather after I turned 16. What was amazing about this is in 1983 this 9 year old car only had 42,000 miles on it and everything worked! A/C , stereo, power steering, power brakes and even a feature that should come back, seats that would not allow the car to start unless the seat-belts were on! I kept my car in spite of purchasing a brand new Ranger in 1988 and even when I bought an F-150 in 2004. You might think that by now my 74 Mav would be gone by now. Not only do I still have my car, it runs and this was my kids first car as well! My oldest son was so excited to drive the Mav, as we call it, to high school in 2007 until he got a Ford Ranger. My daughter drove it as well once she got her license at 16 and also drove it to high school until she got her Ford Focus, (yes we love Fords!) My little boy who is now 13 can't wait for his first time driving the same car when he gets his driver's license. My Mav is more than just a car, it is a member of our family and as you can see from my story, Ford will always be a member of our family!
Daniel N 03/20/2012
Thats Cool, I was born in '74 and my parents drove 2 Mavericks, Mom drove a metallic blue 2 door, and Dad drove a Canary Yellow Maverick, with black Vinal intierior! I remember that car very well! I was 3 or 4 years old, I would fall asleep in the area between the back speakers and the rear windsheild. Also, on sunny days when i wore shorts the black vinal seating would burn the back of my legs!! and I could never close the door cuz no matter where i touched the door it was too hot!!! LOL, aahhh memories. My dad kept the Yellow Maverick till the door handle came off, it took 15 minutes to start and run every morning, the radio crapped out, and the wippers got stuck in mid morning wipe, LOL all in the same morning!!! i told my dad that I wanted it to be my first car, I loved it and i had plans for it too, it was a V6 so I wanted to cram fattys in the back, lift the rear suspension, a hood scoop, and cherry bombs in the exhust!! but it wasnt ment to be. Dad said that it was on it's last legs, It had well over 200,000 miles on it. so that morning that was all wrong, Dad almost never got to Dodge sale in the summer of 1987. and you know that sound a car makes when you turn it off it is still running, well it took while before it did. I really liked the front end of that car, it looked mean and determined.