Long Ago But Remembered.

The Vehicle I,m writing about is a Ford Maverick. Actuallly , The Vehicle wasn,t mine but was my Fathers. The First Vehicle I ever drove in my Life was a Ford F-150. i Love the Ford F-150 It is my Favorite.My Father has Owned several F-150's over his Life but never a New One ...always used. But , it was always an F-150 that always looked Nice. The Nicest F-150 that he ever had was a Maroon and Silver One. In High School i had an Accident and totaled This truck that he had just finished paying for ...He had just completed paying off ...No more payments and I wrecked it. The Ford Maverick he bought when I was in High School . it was a Four-Door Maverick which to me Looked much better than the 2 door Ones because; it made it appear Longer making it look more like the longer/sporty looking cars of today. Though back then the 2 Door was the Sport version . It was a Cool Looking car and could really be driven. That 6 Cylinder had enough energy to get you there. It got me to all High School Functions/Football Games,Dances,Movies,Restaurants, the Prom,Graduation,Dates.... and there are many memories . After High School,I went to a Tractor Trailer Driving School in Ohio on weekends and returned To be at work here in Virginia . I have a photo of the Car in front of the Motel where we stayed.This was the first time i ever stayed in a Hotel or had ever been away from Home other than 4-H Camp in 7TH Grade. This was the Longest Trip I had ever been on (Farthest Distance from Home) but ,the Maverick got us there and back. Once On the way back, We had a Tire Blowout on the Interstate but we put on the doughnut spare and made it Home. Stopping for gas at a Station I got a Cup of Coffee and set it on the roof /cab top of the Car opened the door got in and closed it and forgot it was on top until my Dad had driven up the On ramp and then started down the Interstate.The Coffee didn't Spill and made the Long Drive Home a comfortable/relaxing One. It also got me to and from two jobs at a Grocery store and a Hospital. It was there at the beginning of some of the greatest/happiest moments of my Life. The Car finally broke down and needed replacement motor. So he traded it for an F-150 . Still, missed the Ford Maverick and the memories but it was nice to be in an F-150 that you would be Safe in and could Trust to get You where you,re going and back safely Home.
PAUL L 12/19/2012
A friend of mine had a 70/71 Maverick back in high school days. It was a great car 302 powered.