First Car

Well I was just riding my bike to and from everywhere, whether it took me two hours or 5. Long rides for sure, but my parent's decided that I needed a car. They found this maverick sitting in some one's garage, rarely driven, brown, 302 with a two barrel, 68k miles, interior was nice except where the large man sat when he drove it. Sold for $800.00 and drove it home. Given I was only 15, my parent's wouldn't let me drive...on my own, so when I turned 16, we moved over a city and some one had to drive the car, thus I got my license. That car lasted me till i was 19 when I was looking for a new car, when I drove it up to the dealership, they wanted to give me $1500 for it as a trade in for a mustang...needless to say I quickly accepted.