Coming Around

I graduated High School in 1975 and desided to purchase a Ford Maverick for College. I was impressed with not only the styling, but especially the easy maintenance. You had lots of room under the hood to do routine maintenance. By 1983, some 200,000 miles later, it was starting to burn oil. My mechanic said it was an easy fix since Ford had a program in which you send your original heads back to the factory and they send you back factory rebuilt heads. By the way, in 1983, I was going to Podiatry school in New York and had driven my car across Country (San Diego to New York) twice with no problems. By the time I sold it, I had put close to 300,000 miles with the only major work done was replacing the Brake lines and Factory rebuilt heads.
Since then I have owned numerous other vehicles: Buick LeSabre, Olds Regency, Chevy Celebrity. All of them have developed serious electrical and mechanical problems requiring expensive repairs. I am currently driving a Honda which has proven to be reliable transportation, but I long for that trusty old Ford Maverick. I even attended a FORD Mustang club meeting and asked the FORD rep why Ford hasn't come out with a replacement for my beloved Maverick. His reply was that the Maverick was designed to entice the car enthusiast to eventually purchase the Mustang. But I always really wanted a small mid size vehicle with the convenience and reliability of that Maverick.
Then I saw a commercial for the Hybrid Ford Fusion. In an instant the old Love affair with the Ford Product came back. Heck, even the styling turned me on I know that the next vehicle replacing my Honda will be the Ford Fusion. Maybe next time I'll have a History of Ford ownership just like I did with my Ford Maverick, only better.