Beginning Of My Passion For Ford

The very 1st car I ever drove was a 1971 Ford Maverick with 1 inline 6 cyc, 3 spd with a steering column shifter, and the old school high beam switch on the floor for the left foot. As a teenager I despised that car (since I was born in 1971 and it was as old as I was). But after 4 years of doing everything I could to destroy the car, while it just kept running - I fell in love with it. One afternoon on the way home from school, the front bumper came loose and was dragging the ground on one side. I simply picked that end up, duck taped it back to the supports and drove off. It remained that way for another 3 years until it got totaled in an accident. Now I would do almost anything to get a car like that back. I mean really rugged, tough, and fun to drive. I really learned the hard way what true love for a car was, with the loss of my Maverick.