Car Wreck

on 9-4-10 we were in springfield mo comeing out of walmart.we were waiting to get out of the lot two car stoped and waved us to go on so we did we just pulled out and were herd a noise all the other cars were at a stoplight and boom.a ladie hit our 2007 mercury grand marquis on the drivers side.the speed for that road 40 miles a hour and totaled our car for us.she had to be going 50 or more.the 2 people who stoped for us.the one guy came to my mom who was driver and asked if we need a Ambulance she said yes daddy who is her husband had a lot of bleeding and me ,my mo both had contusions i had a large bump the size of a goose egg.we were all in er frm about 4:30pm to 11:30pm and had to call a friend to pickus up.about the other car that hit us she was driving down the turn lane and her car had very little damage a little on the right side but thats all one more thing her license plates were in our car and i looked at them and they were expired.
Omar Vichot 12/29/2011
I been in those type of accidents that the people that hit us leave the scene of the accident. I had a kia rio 2002 Yes i Know it is not a ford. We were in a Yield Sign I stopped to make sure if someone was passing and then boom and I hit myself against the door. I was in pain the whole night. The guy left but we got the license plate. That guy was an idiot.