I Made My Father Feel Like Royalty

When I graduated college in 1978, I landed a job paying $15,500 per year - a good sum back then. I saw a big, beautiful, red Mercury Grand Marquis in a dealer lot and I fell in love with that car. It had a trunk the size of a living room and those fancy doors that covered teh headlights when they were turned off.

My parents were very poor and never had their own car. In 1973, while in high school, I bought an absolutely awful heap (not a Ford, by the way) in order to drive my parents shopping and on day trips and so on. I didn't hesitate a moment to trade it in for "Big Red" as we called her. It was the first car anyone in our family ever owned that had air conditioning and didn't have rust and torn seats. My father said he felt like he was royalty riding in that car. It was quiet, roomy, comfortable - just a joy to drive. It was my best car ever and I have had 4 more cars since. I tend to keep my cars for a long time and I had Big Red for 7 years.

I traded in my beautiful Grand Marquis - Big Red - after my father died because I couldn't bear to drive it without seeing my father sitting in the right rear seat when I looked up at the mirror. Now, I've been watching people drive Fusion Hybrids and I would like to buy one - a red one. I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures back then. I wish I had one to show you how happy my parents were.
What a touching story. I love those '73-78 boats too, and i plan to get a Country Squire some time in the future. As of now, i drive a '99 mercury sable wagon, haha. Go Ford! (and mercury)