My First Car Was Awesome!!

By Bob E.

I was a junior in hi school, Dad told me I could buy a car. But if I broke it, I fixed it! I found a dull red 1953 Ford Mainline 6-cylinder, 3 on the column for $275. Oh my, a teenager's dream...his own car. Shortly after purchase, I was washing it, and sprayed it with the straight stream from the garden hose. Suddenly paint started peeling off!! I found out the red was from spray cans! So, I sanded and worked, and got it painted blue and white. What a faithful car! I had it for 10 years, through trips to college and into the Air Force, where it survived getting rear-ended at speed. I drove it from Wyoming to Maryland, back to Wyoming, to Texas a couple times, and back to Maryland. Since I was getting discharged, I had to sell it because I had bought a 69 Fairlane. I found a man who said he wanted to restore it, and I sold it for $250. Over those years I did rebuild it literally from bumper to bumper. it only quit me twice in all those miles...once when the water pump went out, and the other time when the throttle linkage fell off because I forgot to put in the cotter pin. What a great car that was. It took me from dating to marriage to our first child. And I sold it for $25 less than what I paid for it. GO FORD!