Restoring Life

my story is about my boyfriend and a 73 mach 1  he was trying to restore this car but he began to get very sick and has a lot of health problems and will not be able to finish this car he has severe copd and neuropathy he has had 2 heart attacks and 6 stints he is on inhome oxygen he is also diabetic and has a dorsal column stimulator  under his skin and it connects with his spine to help stimulate the nerves  so he can walk and operates his kidneys he can not stand or walk or sit for long periods of time and  he is continually loosing weight the drs can only give him pain pills and keep him from hurting so bad it would be nice if ford or some one would help to finish his car befor he is no longer able to drive or he dies  his name is rex and he is only 60 years old thank you     marjorie foster
marjorie f 05/30/2014
please help me find some one to help finish this mustang it is very important rex's health is failing and he is giving up.  thank you   margie