Our First Car Show

After my husband passed away, he last wish was for me to get a new car. So, I bought a 2004 Mach 1. My granddaughter, Alyssa and I decided to put it into our first mustang show. I joined a mustang club and entered. We worked very hard getting her ready for the show. She (my mach) was perfect. We packed our cooler and chairs, cleaning supplies and we were ready. Everyone commented on the car. How detailed the engine and the entire car was perfect. Wanted to know if my husband cleaned it. I remarked, "No, my granddaughter and I did it". To their surprise, they were shocked. The voting started, and we took first place in stock for 2004. We were very proud and received our first trophy. So, we decided to do it again. A repeat performance, first place in stock for 2004. We received our second trophy. Extremely proud! My granddaughter was 5 when we started. I know my husband would have been very proud. He was a Ford Master Technician and this car was my last gift from him. We have now stopped showing the car known as MomMom's Mach 1. She is now in the garage, covered up and comes out once a month for a run. It's about the low mileage the car has and the care. When I am gone she will be Alyssa's. The legend lives on!