My Cj

By Stan B.

In January of 1970, I returned from military service and had one thing mainly on my mind, to get my new car.  I looked at a couple of cars before I purchased mine, but when I walked onto the Ford Lot I saw my car.  To me there was nothing more beautiful than the 1970 Mach1 Mustang.  The one that caught my love was a mellow yellow 428CJ.  The salesman tried to show me a plain Jane Mustang which was fine in its design, but I headed straight for the one on the show room floor.  That poor salesman could hardly keep up with me.  I was blown away by the view from the front seat.  That shaker hood was awesome.  I was crazy about everything that had been put on this car, down to the smallest stripe and emblem.  It was fully loaded, wood grain dash and door panels, automatic in a cool console, AM/Fm radio, air conditioning to mention a few and ran like hell.  In stock form there were few cars on the road that could keep up with me.  I thoroughly enjoyed driving my CJ down the road.  I didn't care about the gas prices which came a couple of years after owning the car.  To me there was nothing like the feeling of being thrown against the seat back as I floored the gas pedal to the floor.  Or cruising along the street at the beach on Friday/Saturday nights.  I washed that car 3-4 times per week.  I loved that car.
Like many young men do I got married.  In 1975 I was faced with a decision to either trade it in or get a divorse.  So I reluctantly drove into a Datsun Dealer and drove out in a Datsun 1800.  How embarrassing it was to drive that car.  For years I dreamed of having that car again.
Now Im older and retired and with my income I realize that dream will never be seen.  My time has passed I guess.  But I have seen photo's of the new 2015 Mustang GT. and saw it this morning on the Fox News channel.  I feel sure that many young men will have the same chance as I had and enjoy the new Mustang.  I can only tell these young men one thing.
Don't ever give it up or someday you will regreat so doing.
Unfortunately pictures of my Stang were destroyed by my ex-wife of long ago, I wish I could share them with you here.