Lime Gold Mustang Mach 1 351 Cleveland

In 1973 I had a Mustang Mach 1 with a 351 Cleveland blue line engine. One day when I was coming out of IBM in San Jose plant I pulled up next to a Corvete beatle body which had stacks on the side. He wanted to race and we were at a signal and he revved his engine and I had a herst shift which I was very good at since I was in oval track racing. We both let out the clutch and he started to burn his tires but I started in 2nd since I wanted to not burn the tires but get a higher range at the end. He jumped me at the beginning about 60 feet but when I pulled up next to him and when I heard the right RPM on the 351 I just let off the gas a little and slapped the shift down to 3rd without the clutch. I pulled out so fast in front of him I believe he must have thought his Corvette had stopped running. I loved that ford Mustang and today I see the Mustang Boss 302 with the Coyote engine 444 HP manual shift I dream of comming off the line and smooking down the run and felling the power under me. 2012 is the New year for Ford mustand and thanks for bringing back the bad boy again. I am 76 now but still love the Ford mustang and I drive a Lincoln Town car with a 302 but it has to hall around 3000 lbs plus but it has over 200 thousand miles on it and still runs fine. Dr. Don Law
Mike K 03/02/2012
Great story but why show a picture of a Cobra and not a Mustang
N. Rodriguez 02/16/2012
Power of the Stang, can't be beat. :)