My First Car

My very first car was a 1973 Ford LTD. I purchased it in 1978 with money saved from part-time jobs. I purchased the vehicle from a friends dad. He had put 98K miles on it from the showroom. He used it to travel between Little Rock, AR and Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. The 351 Cleveland engine was awesome! It had get up and go and wasn't too hard on the wallet. It was a 2DR landau, white with camel interior. I moved on to a sportier car in the early '80's. My Mom kept the LTD and used it to commute to work from Arlington, TX to downtown Dallas everyday. After 387 thousand miles, regular maintenance and retirement. The LTD was again in my driveway. This was the hardest vehicle to trade off. My LTD had served the family well until 1998. I was now committed to Fords forever!