My 76 Ltd

i called a guy about a 76 ltd because i needed a car and i asked him if he could hold to it for a week so i could get the money together and then he said and i quote"you can have it if you come get it today so i asked a friend of mine if he could take me and we headed to get it. it was about an hour drive from where i live. we got there and i looked it had current tags and inspection , it had 132,000 miles on it and it wasnt pretty but i jumped in it and drove it home. the only reason the guy was getting rid of it was because it was a little out of time and it needed a tune up, but the timing wasnt a serious problem it was just that the bolt that held the distributor in place was wore down so i put a washer on it and that fixed it . it had a 351m/400 v8 in it and it was fast.