Luxurious 1968 Ford Ltd

By Ed C.

My grandparents had a new 1968 Ford LTD. It was an aqua marine blue color with hide away headlights and it was a beautiful car. I had ridden in limosines, but felt the Ford LTD from that year was one of the world's most luxurious cars. The V-8 engine, interior refinements, color, and exterior styling gave the impression of luxury. Its was very well cared for and traded in on another Ford. Later we learned that the car's next owner had turned over its odometer for the second time, so it had high mileage. Recall the 1973 Ford Thunderbird and its ultra luxurious styling. Ford should rekindle its luxury reputation with more cars like the new Taurus and return to the small V-8 prestige for which Ford is so well known. A V-6 just isn't as inspiring as a Ford V-8.
Kevin S 12/29/2012
my first car was a 68 LTD, loved that car.