Graduation Present

I got my first Ford as a high school graduation present in 1976. It was parked in the driveway a few days before I got out of high school. I thought dad has borrowed the car or something and no idea that it would be mine. I walked in the house and dad said, "Did you see the car in the driveway? It's yours!" I was so shocked that I cried. Of course we had to go for a joy ride in it immediately. It was dark green in color and we even took it on a family vacation from South Carolina to Canada! It was a nice car and it only had 24,000 miles on it when dad got it. the car lasted me through college and a year or so after that. Unfortunately, the car was wrecked on a rain slicked mountain road in 1982. From there, I've had a 1980 Mercury Capri, 1987 Mercury Cougar, 1999 Mercury Cougar and now the proud owner of a 2008 Ford Taurus. I've owned nothing but a Ford product my entire life. My wife just got a 2008 Ford Edge last 2 weeks ago. Yep, Ford runs in our family now because we think they make the best looking and best driving cars!