Army Green

I was 15 years old, and pinning for my first car. My Step Dad took me to a field that needed weeding and cutting. In this field was this Army Green Ford LTD 2 door. He stated that when we got done that car along with 350 dollars would be mine. I got to work. After we got done that car was towed to our house where it sat for a year till I got my license. During that year, I got new tires for it, changed all the fluids and changed out the Master Break. By the time I turned 16 it was ready to drive. It was big and it was long. It had a 350W engine in it and it started my life long love affair with Ford and cars in general. I have since owned a Ford Arrowstar, A Ford Mustang and A Ford Bronco. This was 1985 when it all started. Love my Ford.