The Car I May Never See Again

While we all know the Crown Vic to be a car commonly driven by law enforcement and retired seniors, it was a car that I came to love. It started as my grandfather's car but when my mom's LTD quit after so much wear and tear we ended up with it. While it wasn't a very sporty car it had some power to it and style that can't be seen in cars today. By the time I had turned thirteen my mother was offered another vehicle, a 1996 Ford Taurus. She had to take it for fuel related reasons which meant the Crown Vic had to go. It was a car that I had come to love and the first one I had ever driven, not only that but it was my grandfather's last car so it had plenty of sentimental value to me. Five years later I still don't have a car and unfortunately and the Taurus gave up just short of 200,000 miles. This past Tuesday my mother purchased a used 2002 Taurus and has enjoyed it greatly but since the other one gave out that still leaves me without a vehicle I can use for city driving (I did end up with my grandpa's 1979 F-150 Ranger Lariat). I hope to find a Crown Vic just like the one my grandfather had and restore it but at the age of eighteen that might be difficult. Above all else, whenever I do get a car, Crown Victoria or not, it will be a Ford and I will accept no substitutes.