From Ford To Ford

By Sam M.

The first car I purchased was a 1989 Ford LTD Crown Victoria, for $700. I was born in 1991, and purchased the car in 2007. While the car did not have airbags, nothing else could have given away its old age. Power windows, mirrors, steering, locks, and driver's seat made my ride timeless. In a Crown Vic! No leaks, no visible rust, no nothing! And, have you driven a Crown Vic? The car floats on air!

Unfortunately, college made its way upon me, and I had to part with my Crown Vic. However, Fords run deep in my family, and I soon was blessed with my grandmother's 1994 Lincoln Town Car! (Yes! Airbags!) That Lincoln was not ONCE pulled over by the police. My grandmother, in all of her age and Ford cars driven she has not once been stopped by an officer! Does that say something about Fords, or my granny? Maybe a little bit of both.

Now, a junior in college, I am patiently waiting for my new 2012 Ford Focus! Gladly I await the day that Ford will drop one off at my house. A typical college student, struggling to make any ends meet, should be blessed every now and then! Who deserves another Ford? I do! So, Ford, let's get this car rolling. I'll see you and the new 2012 Focus in Champaign, IL! And don't forget to say "hi" to granny!